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Beatles - Logo Hybrid...for fans

Artists: The Beatles
Format: Backpack
Issued: 2009-09-09
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Oldglory
EAN: 044882TBBP
The Beatles logo comes printed on this black, 100% cotton hybrid messenger backpack. This bag can be worn as a messenger bag with a shoulder strap or as a traditional two-strap backpack. It has a large flap secured with a plastic clip. There are two large front zippered pockets and two side pockets secured with velcro. On the back is another zippered pocket that contains two padded "Backpack Style" shoulder straps. The straps can very quickly and easily be pulled out and clipped to the bottom, transforming the messenger bag into a backpack!

Производитель: США
Цена: 7800 руб.

Показано 1 - 1 из 1 найденных
Страницы: 1

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