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Liberty X - [used]  Being Somebody

Liberty X - [used] Being Somebody

Цена: 2199 руб.

Производитель: Япония

Genre: [USED] Dance & Soul
Catalogue Number: V2CP177
Label: V2 Records Japan
Release Country: Japan
Format : CD
Issued: 03 Mar 2004

Есть на складе у поставщика. Поставка в течение 3-4 недель, в редких случаях до 8 недель

Track Listings:

Диск 1

1. Intro

2. Jumpin'

3. Being Nobody

4. Everybody Cries

5. Tell Me What You're Doing Tonight

6. The Poet

7. I'll Be Remenbering

8. Last Goodbye

9. Lets Go

10. Forever

11. Close Your Eyes

12. I Just Wanna

13. Impossible

14. Take Me Home

15. Story Of My Life

16. Maybee

17. Whare Do We Go(From Here)

18. Willing To Try

19. Just A Little

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