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Phil Collins - Plays Well With Others (4CD)

Phil Collins - Plays Well With Others (4CD)

Цена: 3837 руб.

Производитель: Япония

Genre: Rock & Pop
Catalogue Number: WPCR18089
Number of Discs: 4
Label: Warner Music
Release Country: Japan
Format: CD
Issued: 28 Sep 2018

Есть на складе у поставщика. Поставка в течение 3-4 недель, в редких случаях до 8 недель

Track Listings:

Диск 0

1. ŽGuide Me Orion

2. ŽKnights (Reprise)

3. ŽDon`t You Feel It

4. ŽI Can`t Remnember. But Yes

5. ŽOver Fire Island

6. ŽSavannah Woman

7. ŽPablo Picasso

8. ŽNuclear Burn

9. ŽNo-one Receiving

10. ŽHome

11. ŽM386

12. Ž...and So To F...

13. ŽNorth Star

14. ŽSweet Little Mystery

15. ŽIntruder

16. ŽI Know There`s Something Going On

17. ŽPledge Pin

18. ŽLead Me To The Water

19. ŽIn The Mood

20. ŽIsland Dreamer

21. ŽPuss `n Boots

22. ŽWalking On The Chinese Wall

23. ŽDo They Know It`s Christmas (Feed The World)

24. ŽJust Like A Prisoner

25. ŽBecause Of You

26. ŽWatching The World

27. ŽNo One Is To Blame

28. ŽIf Leaving Me Is Easy

29. ŽAngry

30. ŽLoco In Acapulco

31. ŽWalking On Air

32. ŽHall Light

33. ŽWoman In Chains

34. ŽBurn Down The Mission