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Susumu Yokota - Love Or Die

Susumu Yokota - Love Or Die

Цена: 2591 руб.

Производитель: Япония

Genre: Dance & Soul
Catalogue Number: STR13
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Skintone
Release Country: Japan
Format: CD
Issued: 28 Jul 2007

Есть на складе у поставщика. Поставка в течение 3-4 недель, в редких случаях до 8 недель

Track Listings:

Диск 0

1. ŽFor the Other Self Who Is Far Away That I Can Not Reach

2. ŽA Slowly Fainting Memory of Love and Respect And Hatred

3. ŽThe Loneliness of Anarchic Beauty Achieved By My Ego

4. ŽA Heart-warming and Beautiful Flower Will Eventually Wither Away and Become Dirt

5. Ž"The Sin of Almighty God, Respected and Believed by the Masses "

6. ŽThat Persons Hearsay Protects My Free Spirit

7. ŽThe Things That I Need To Do For Just One's Love

8. ŽThe Scream of a Sage Who Lost Freedom and Love Taken For Granted Before

9. ŽA Song Produced While Floating Alone on Christmas Day

10. ŽThe Now Forgotten Gods of Rocky Mountain Residing In The Back of The North Woods

11. ŽThe Sacred Ceremony Concieved by Chance From an Evil Lie

12. ŽThe Destiny fo the Little Bird Trapped Inside a Small Cage For Life

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