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Van Morrison - The Healing Game (Deluxe Edition)

Van Morrison - The Healing Game (Deluxe Edition)

Цена: 3994 руб.

Производитель: Япония

Genre: Rock & Pop
Catalogue Number: SICP6081
Number of Discs: 3
Label: Sony Music
Release Country: Japan
Format: CD
Other: Limited, Special Edition (Deluxe)
Issued: 27 Mar 2019

Есть на складе у поставщика. Поставка в течение 3-4 недель, в редких случаях до 8 недель

Track Listings:

Диск 0

1. ŽRough God Goes Riding

2. ŽFire In The Belly

3. ŽThis Weight

4. ŽWaiting Game

5. ŽPiper At The Gates Of Dawn

6. ŽBurning Ground

7. ŽIt Once Was My Life

8. ŽSometimes We Cry

9. ŽIf You Love Me

10. ŽThe Healing Game

11. ŽLook What The Good People Done

12. ŽAt The End Of The Day

13. ŽThe Healing Game

14. ŽFull Force Gale `96

15. ŽSt. Dominic`s Preview

16. ŽThe Healing Game

17. ŽFire In The Belly

18. ŽDidn`t He Ramble

19. ŽThe Healing Game

20. ŽSometimes We Cry

21. ŽMule Skinner Blues

22. ŽA Kiss To Build A Dream On

23. ŽDon`t Look Back

24. ŽThe Healing Game

25. ŽBoppin` The Blues

26. ŽMatchbox

27. ŽSittin` On Top Of The World

28. ŽMy Angel

29. ŽAll By Myself

30. ŽMule Skinner Blues