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Sarah Connor - [used]  Naughty But Nice

Sarah Connor - [used] Naughty But Nice

Цена: 2206 руб.

Производитель: Япония

Genre: [USED] Dance & Soul
Catalogue Number: PCCY80011
Label: Pony Canyon
Release Country: Japan
Format : CD
Issued: 18 May 2005

Есть на складе у поставщика. Поставка в течение 3-4 недель, в редких случаях до 8 недель

Track Listings:

Диск 1

1. Living to Love Youツ

2. Paradiseツ

3. From Zero to Heroツ

4. I Just Started Being Badツ

5. Thank Youツ

6. You're the Kinda Manツ

7. One More Night (Part Two of the Osla Sutie Trilogy)ツ

8. Keep Imaginingツ

9. Happy Anniversaryツ

10. You Are My Desireツ

11. Changeツ

12. Dolce Vitaツ

13. Call Meツ

14. Ohhh (Private Party)ツ

15. From Zero to Hero [I-Wanna-Funk-With-You- Extended Album Remix]ツ

16. From Zero to Hero [Multimedia Track]

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